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Grab the future by the The future is always in front of you, something your eyes catch a glimpse of but never see fully, a constant presence – sort of like your nose. Well now with the launch of 5G, the future is about to hit you in your actual nose and every other part of your existence. Everything that was just out of sight will crystallise into reality, the future will become the present, and we'll have to think up another future. There is a lot of excitement about what 5G connectivity will make possible, we already know what the stupid fast speed of 5G will do to your current mobile. But the launch of 5G is going to bring the superfast future ying into reality. 5G will save lives, propel humanity forward, and usher in the utopia that will solve the literal hot mess we're in. But we know what you're thinking, it's what we're all thinking: what happens to Tinder on 5G? 5G Instagram lters? And sex robots? One can only imagine what the future will hold… The year is twenty-twenty-something. In your 5G connected home (so long, broadband) you ush the toilet, which then orders you a bespoke vitamin replenishing breakfast smoothie. A Deliveroo drone arrives in minutes and lets itself in because you're busy playing Fortnite lag-free against your 12-year old nemesis. Finally victorious, you decide to mark the occasion with a tattoo from an LA-based artist thousands of miles away thanks to tech intended for remote heart surgery. With your arm wrapped in future cling- lm you jump in your VR shower and explore the Even Greater Wall of China. Clean and well- travelled, you download the latest AR fashion trends while you swipe through Tinder in search of a hot date. It's a match! Your driverless Uber ies through traf c-free streets as 5G has made autonomous vehicles the best way to travel. Relieved your date isn't an AI cat sh, you bag table 16 at your favourite gourmet Portuguese chicken place. After dinner you head to a 5G karaoke bar where you and holographic Ed Sheeran serenade your date. Then it's back to yours to stream every episode of Friends simultaneously. Just another day in your 5G future. Whatever the future holds, all we know for sure is cool things will be cooler, weird things will be weirder and emojis will be even more suggestive. And as we're building the UK's fastest 5G network, Three customers will be able to revel in all the wonders the future will spring on us more than anyone else. When the future comes, you'll be glad you've got 5G. When the future comes, you'll be glad you're on Three. With more than twice as much 5G Spectrum as any other network, the UK's rst cloud core network, state-of-the-art data centres and radio tech, our 5G network will be the UK's fastest - see three.co.uk/5G by by the the by the by by the by

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