The Future of B2B Marketing 2019

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F U T U R E O F B 2 B M A R K E T I N G 02 FUTURE OF B2B MARKETING @Biz_of_Mktg @raconteur_london Belinda Booker Award-winning business journalist who has written for national and local newspapers as well as specialist B2B titles. Gren Manuel Formerly European executive editor for The Wall Street Journal, he is now digital managing editor for Raconteur. Will Brookes Managing director of Raconteur who also writes for Raconteur's Business of Marketing hub, which provides advice and insight for senior marketers. Maisie McCabe Business journalist, she is deputy editor of Campaign and contributes to The Sunday Times and The Independent. Ian Burrell Former assistant editor and media editor of The Independent, and an Insight Team investigative reporter at The Sunday Times. Solomon Radley An experienced editor and reporter, he oversees Business of Marketing, Raconteur's content hub for senior marketers. Meg Carter Writer who has written extensively about media, marketing, and advertising including for Fast Company, The Guardian, The Financial Times and Campaign. Nicola Smith Contributes to The Times, The Sunday Times, The Drum, Marketing Week, and many other publications on marketing, technology and other subjects. Raymond Snoddy Writer, presenter and media consultant, he was media editor at The Times and Financial Times, and presented BBC Television's public accountability programme Newswatch. Francesca Cassidy A marketing executive- turned journalist, she is now a digital content executive at Raconteur, writing and editing content for raconteur.net, a site for C-level executives. Anna Codrea-Rado Freelance culture and technology journalist, her work has been published in The New York Times, The Guardian and WIRED. Distributed in Contributors Publishing manager Richard Hadler Digital content executive Francesca Cassidy Head of production Justyna O'Connell Design Joanna Bird Grant Chapman Sara Gelfgren Kellie Jerrard Harry Lewis-Irlam Celina Lucey Samuele Motta Head of design Tim Whitlock Associate editor Peter Archer Managing editor Benjamin Chiou Consultant editor Gren Manuel Raconteur Agency is a full-service B2B content marketing agency, known for our editorial excellence, subject-matter expertise, exceptional design and ability to guarantee results for our clients. Since 2008, our agency has worked with global brands, including Schroders, Google and Thomson Reuters, to create market-leading content hubs, research reports, lead generation campaigns and more. To learn more about Raconteur Agency, please visit raconteur.net/agency or contact us on agency@ raconteur.net to see how we can transform your content and marketing. The information contained in this publication has been obtained from sources the Proprietors believe to be correct. However, no legal liability can be accepted for any errors. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the prior consent of the Publisher. © Raconteur Media raconteur.net/agency t is legal to sell rapid-fire, military-style guns to con- sumers in America. Yet some of the country's biggest B2B firms, including banks, are refusing to do business with the firms that make them. The move eloquently raises the issue of how it has become almost impossible to draw the dividing line between what is a business issue and what is not, creating both threats and opportunities for B2B marketing. It was a theme that came up repeatedly as Raconteur spoke with senior marketers to develop the themes for this, the first Raconteur report on the industry. This report in The Times aims to help B2B marketers cope with the most significant industry challenges, including the rise of account-based marketing, the impact of technology and the ongoing quest to align mar - keting with sales. But it was issues of values and authenticity that gen- erated the most discussion, perhaps because they are both vital and diffi- cult to measure and so do not connect well with the industry's drive towards metrics and performance indicators. Stephanie Buscemi, chief market- ing officer of Salesforce, which has taken stances against military-style weapons and supporting LGBTQ rights, says: "People want to work with brands that have a purpose." Traditionally B2B marketing has focused on spreadsheet-friendly metrics, such as return on invest- ment, but Ms Buscemi, interviewed later in this report, says B2B market- ing needs to engage both the head and the heart of the buyer. The head says 'Yes, it meets a business need, it helps me to solve my problems and makes my busi- ness more successful'. But the heart asks 'Am I engaging with a com- pany that is giving back and has the same values I have?' This is a balancing act consumer- facing companies have managed for I Raymond Snoddy The thing that differentiates is the way you do business, not the business you do When marketing becomes a question of values Business brands can only speak with an authentic voice if their values are rooted deep inside the organisation B E I N G A U T H E N T I C /showcase/business-of-marketing

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