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R A C O N T E U R . N E T 15 21 PER CENT OF RACONTEUR READERS HAD STOPPED SHOPPING FROM CERTAIN BRANDS DUE TO HOW THEY RESPONDED TO THE PANDEMIC. OF THIS GROUP... WE VALUE ADAPTABILITY OVER PRICE Elements of customer experience that have made the biggest positive impact during lockdown, according to Raconteur readers Delivery time New models or ways to buy (e.g. online) Accessible, transparent customer service Range of products/ services available Price 31% 26% 20% 19% 4% Raconteur survey 2020 WE WANT BRANDS TO DO MORE FOR US AND THE PLANET Raconteur readers' views on what they want brands to be going forward More sustainable and environmentally-friendly I would like to be able to do most of my shopping online More reasonably priced Quicker and more efficient delivery More personalised to my lifestyle 66% 41% 36% 31% 15% Raconteur survey 2020 WE ARE BUYING MORE MINDFULLY Percentage of UK shoppers who said they are thinking more carefully about how they spend their money I've stopped shopping at too many brands to mention! I won't be buying from companies who treated their staff or suppliers poorly Raconteur survey 2020 I've started shopping at local shops who were offering deliveries, like my local cafe. It felt important to support local independent shops over big brands. Getting a cake delivery is something I'd never do in my usual life, but getting that delivery in lockdown felt like a real treat! 20 PER CENT OF RACONTEUR READERS STARTED SHOPPING AT NEW BRANDS SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE OF HOW THEY HAD RESPONDED TO THE PANDEMIC. OF THIS GROUP... WE EXPECT OUR SHOPPING HABITS TO CHANGE FOR GOOD Share of UK consumers who state the following as their top priorities while shopping now, and who say they are likely to sustain this post-outbreak Limiting food waste Shopping more health-consciously Making more sustainable choices Shopping more cost consciously Shopping in closer neighbourhood stores 68% 59% 54% 49% 46% Accenture 2020 33% said they had started shopping at local businesses 13% stopped shopping at Amazon 19% stopped shopping at Wetherspoons 32% Changing to less expensive products to save money 44% Becoming more mindful of where I spend my money Healthy and Hygienic packaging How companies take care of the safety of their employees Retailers' promotion of sustainable solutions Sustainable/eco- friendly products Company's purpose/values McKinsey 2020 8% stopped shopping at Sports Direct India Japan Korea China

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