MSCI Investment Insights - 3 x infographics 4 Feb

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44 MSCI Investment Insights 2021 Global institutional investor sur vey The data-driven investor Robust, high-quality data is essential for all areas of investment decision-making E X H I B I T 2 0 : Investors who ranked 'use of data' as a top aspect of investment excellence Sovereign wealth fund Corporate pension fund Public pension fund Defined contribution Endowment or foundation Insurer 22% 19% 28% 23% 25% 19% Investors recognize the increasing importance of data to stay ahead of the curve E X H I B I T 2 1 : Investors' current use of data and indexes around climate change 98% 94% and and 90% 88% use climate data to identify investment opportunities use climate indexes to identify investment opportunities of global respondents use climate data to manage risk of global respondents use climate indexes to manage risk Where data on climate is available, investors are using it to make crucial decisions More people are talking about unstructured data and AI and machine learning and that sort of stuff. I haven't seen it come through to the investment process yet CHIEF INVESTMENT OFFICER UK pension Fund

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