Supply Chain 2015

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P09 RACONTEUR.NET /COMPANY/RACONTEUR-MEDIA /RACONTEUR.NET @RACONTEUR 1 i f t SUPPLY CHAIN ONLINE: WWW.RACONTEUR.NET/SUPPLY-CHAIN-2015 CHAIN ANALYTICS Companies' ability to use data sources for big data opportunity Source: Supply Chain Insights 2013 Technologies for big data supply chain initiatives Source: Capgemni 2014 A IT has been a key strategic partner in using big data B IT is a strategic partner in our future plans to use big data C Our relationship with IT has evolved in ongoing efforts to use big data D Our relationship with IT has created challenges in using big data E IT provides functional support, but is not a strategic partner - we have not been able to use big data as a result Best strategies for developing big data analytics capabilities in supply chain 34% 31% 26% 9% Source: Accenture 2014 C: 26% D: 12% E: 29% C: 27% D: 7% E: 21% Shippers Third-party logistics providers 70% 57% 51% higher performance achieved by companies that acknowledge supply chain as a strategic asset of chief executives ranked supply chain optimisation and traceability as a first priority for technology investment of companies ranked forecast accuracy and demand variability as the top obstacles to achieving supply chain goals B: 16% D: 30% C: 37% RFID transmission E A Supply chain visibility B Geo-location and mapping data C Product traceability data D Temperature and product streaming 47% B 42% C 24% D 18% E 56% A Transport management (planning) Supply chain planning Network modelling and optimisation Advanced analytics and data mining tools Customer order management Electronic data interchange Warehouse/ distribution centre management Global trade management tools 54% 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 56% 51% 53% 41% 48% 30% 40% Internally run big-bang data analytics implementation - leverage internal resources (existing or recruits) to implement a supply chain-wide big data capability Externally support proof of concept - hire external capability (people and/or technology) to see how big data analytics could assist with better understanding of a key supply chain issue Internally run proof of concept - leverage internal supply chain/organisational capability (personnel and technology) to see how big data analytics could assist with better understanding of a key issue Externally supported big-bang data analytics implementation - hire external capability (people and/ or technology) to implement a supply chain-wide big data capability B: 6% D: 37% C: 37% Source: Gartner Source: PwC Source: Gartner

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