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RACONTEUR.NET 19 including the Donor Conception Network and Fertility Friends. Research shows that more than ha lf of men would not be open to discussing fer tility with their par tner, yet they are just as at risk of experiencing feelings of sad- ness, shame, anger, depression or inadequacy. Sadly, there are fewer dedicated suppor t options for men than there are for women. One option is the Men's Health Forum, which has information about men's hea lth as well as an online community where men can chat anonymously. Many suppor t groups welcome individua ls and couples so this could be a good place to meet other men with similar experi- ences, either a lone or with a par t- ner. Some men a lso f ind it easier to spea k to a counsellor who has experience working with men with fer tility problems, and can be a tr usted and impar tia l "outsider". Getting news that you are not pregnant after a round of IVF treat- ment can be devastating. Experts advise that it is important to take the time to come to terms with this outcome and give your body and mind time to recover. When you're ready, talk to your doc- tor about whether you should try again and what the chance of con- ceiving might be if you did. Health professionals may suggest a dif- ferent treatment or discuss any other options for ma ximising your chances of conceiving. It is also important to consider the finan- cial implications of your decision. If you're unable to have more treatment, or you're not sure if you want to go through treatment again, you may find it helpful to talk your feelings through with a counsellor. Some couples have dif- ferent opinions on whether to con- tinue with treatment; talking to an impartial professional may help you to think through the issues together and come to an agreement about how to move forward. I V F treatment continues to ma ke great progress, with new techniques and products bringing rea l hope to more couples who are unable to conceive natura lly. But while pushing these boundaries, the I V F industr y must a lso accept its responsibility to suppor t its cli- ents' emotiona l wellbeing as well as their fer tility problems. More than half of men would not be open to discussing fertility with their partner Impact of fertility problems and/or treatment on relationships Fertility Network UK 2016 Changes to relationships Relationship ended Strained Sometimes diffi cult Unchanged Improved 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Friends Family Partner Strained initially, now improved

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